Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Me, Me, Pay Attention to Me

With all the things that scream out for our attention, it is no wonder we neglect certain things until we absolutely have to fix them. We have to mow the lawn and trim the shrubs or our yards will look more like fields.

We have to pay our bills or we won’t have any water, electricity or gas.

We have to go grocery shopping, do our laundry and put gas in the car because if we don’t… we won’t be able to drive anywhere, eat anything or have anything to wear.

It makes sense that we do these things automatically because there are immediate (undesirable) consequences if we don’t.

There is something else that has an undesirable consequence for neglecting it… our home cooling system. When we use it year after year without giving it even a little bit of attention, it starts to break down, parts get loose dirt and grime start to build up and it takes more and more energy to keep us cool (which means our energy bills go up).

It also means our repairs bills are likely to increase. Instead of a minor repair, we will end up with a large, costly repair.

Read Taking Care of Business to learn more about how a yearly tune-up can save you money on energy bills, costly repairs and help your unit run more smoothly.

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